DKEC has R&D, engineering design and equipment manufacture bases in New York, Shanghai and Wuxi. We are an international engineering company, offering consulting services, process package Know-how transfer, engineering design, and EPC services in chemical and environmental industries.
Can I apply for the internship position?

DKEC  Group provides excellent interns for colleges and universities at home and abroad for two to six months, we opened internship positions as following: financial/personnel/administrative assistant, engineering design assistant, marketing assistant management, equipment manufacturing and technical personnel.

The process to join us

(1) Find the position that fits you well

If you want to apply for any of the positions posted on our website, you need to submit your resume and relevant reference materials.

(2) Resume review & screening

Our recruitment team will review your resume to make sure that you have the experience and qualifications to be competent for the position. And then we will screen out the most suitable candidates. Every applicant will receive our reply in time.

(3) Phone screening interview

Our recruitment team will communicate with you over the phone to learn more about you and determine whether you are suitable for the position and DKEC. We will also take this chance to answer any questions you have about us, because we want to make sure we are the right choice for you.

(4) Interview

Once we have determined that you are suitable for this position, we will sincerely invite you to attend our interview。Including: first interview (comprehensive quality interview), second interview (professional knowledge interview), and final interview. At this stage, you will face-to-face communication with HR and your future direct leadership. 

(5) Send offers

Congratulations! You have passed our interview and applied for the position successfully. We will communicate with you about salary and other related information, and send you an offer.

(6) Background Investigation, physical examination

After accepting our offer, we will conduct the necessary background checks, under the premise of obtaining your own authorization. This process may take some time, especially if you have worked in multiple organizations, please be patient. During this time, please complete physical examination as well. 

(7) Entry

Congratulations! For becoming a member of DKEC family successfully, and we are looking forward to working with you!

What kind of training will our company provide for new staff?

In order to help new staff adapt to our company's cultural atmosphere and working environment as soon as possible, accelerate learning about all aspects of our company, and carry out the work smoothly, our company will arrange a series of training for new staff.


It will be mainly divided into two stages:


The first stage: new staff induction training, mainly to help new staff deeply feel the culture, conception, development history, strategic objectives, organizational structure, products and business situation of DKEC Chemical Group.


The second stage: on the job training, our company will designate and arrange professional instructors for each new staff to give job guidance and help.


Training for Management Trainee Program: our company has specific training programs for management trainees.

Will our company help new staff with their archives and household registration?

About Archives: our company accepts archives trusteeship, as long as the school issues Registration Certificate, and the title of Registration Certificate indicates "Wuxi Talent Service Center".


About Household Registration: if the student's household registration is transferred to the school at the time of enrollment, he/she shall hold the Household Registration Transfer Certificate issued by the school at the time of graduation, and our company will accept the household registration to be attached to the collective household registration account of our company.

Special Reminder: for the meaning of collective household registration account, please refer to the entry of Baidu Encyclopedia.

What is our company‘s campus talk arrangement?

Participate in our campus talk, you will get the engineering knowledge of R&D, design and EPC/EPCM in the chemical industry, understand the leading business philosophy of the chemical industry, know the talent training mode of our company, see the elegant demeanor of the senior management team and listen to the personal career sharing of the senior schoolmates. Participate in the interaction of our campus talk, you will have the opportunity to obtain the recruitment pass card and other gifts from DKEC Chemical Group.

What degree will our company recruit?

All positions recruited by DKEC Chemical Group are open to all full-time graduates with bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and Dr.’s degree.

How to learn more about our company's recruitment?

The official website of DKEC Chemical Group provides detailed information on recruitment positions, recruitment agenda, company brand, history, corporate culture, products, etc.


Please Click:


Other Platforms of DKEC Chemical Group


1.Wechat Account: DKEC--GROUP


2.Recruitment Website of 51JOB


3. Recruitment Website of Chemical Industry Talent 


4. Recruitment information of DKEC Chemical Group published on employment websites of major universities.

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