DKEC has R&D, engineering design and equipment manufacture bases in New York, Shanghai and Wuxi. We are an international engineering company, offering consulting services, process package Know-how transfer, engineering design, and EPC services in chemical and environmental industries.
Process Design Package
DKEC Group has developed and own Know-How for many chemical and environmental products. In chemical production field, we provide the licensed technology for the production of epoxy resin, specialized resin, phenolresin, polyamine resin, diluents & hardeners, adhesive, epichlorohydrin(ECH),Bisphenol-A, TBBA, phenol acetone, hydrogen peroxide(H2O2)ethanol bio-fuel; in envronmental technology area, we offer Licensees various technology about wastewater treatment with high salt concentration, solid waste and volatile organic compounds(VOCs) treatment.
Our Advantages

DKEC Group has proven to be a reliable chemical and environmental technology provider. Our technology has obvious advantages in the aspects of high production capacity and yield, satisfying product purity, low operation cost with low utilities and energy usage, low capital cost with less and smaller equipment, as well as long life cycles. In addition, we offer technology development services that help clients improve andperfect their own Process Design Packages.

Technology Support
Clients get DKEC technology support during whole project life cycle as following aspects
Technology Delivery
We provide licensed technology by means of a Process Design Package (PDP), Operating Guidelines, and an Analytical Manual. PDP comprises everything necessary for further basic and detailed engineering design work. Operating Guidelines and Analytical Manual are used for technicians as standard operating procedures and stream samples analysis guidance during start-up and normal operation periods.
Technical Support
We assign technical experts to review vendor prints of critical equipment, assist HAZOP study and clarify technology to detailed engineering design contractor during project detailed engineering design stage.
Field Services
We send our experienced specialists to site to provide technical assistance during erection, commissioning, start up and guarantee performance test. All guarantee figures contained in DKEC licensed technology are examined and fulfilled by both parties.
We provide Licensees personnel job training in the facility site, our research laboratory or a host plant. Both written manuals and hands on training are given to help clients technicians successfully operate production lines and analyze feedstock or product samples, ensuring the whole facility run smoothly after start-up.
Process Professional Program Stage

We are responsible for passing the Performance Guarantee Tests and  clients are guaranteed to have DKEC promised figures such as production/treatment capacities, product qualities, and operation cost. We also provide new technology developments for the running plants such as increased plant capacity and saved energy as follow-up services as clients requested.