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Pressure swing adsorption PSA
Technical Advantages:

Conduct basic research, small and pilot-scale studies in the most advanced laboratory for the research and development and test of pressure swing adsorption systems in the United States.

Study the kinetic and thermodynamic properties of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) according to solid basic data. Conduct the adsorption equilibrium isothermal experiment of VOCs and detect the material transfer coefficient based on the actual waste gas data and conditions provided by the customer.

Low emission concentration of the treated exhaust gas to meet the national organic exhaust gas emission standards, such as the “Emission Standards for Synthetic Resin Industry Pollutants” (GB31572-2015) ECH<15 mg/m3, chlorobenzene <50 mg/m3, toluene <8 mg/m3, methanol<50 mg/m3.

Complete recovery of VOCs after desorption which can be used as raw materials or by-products for the production of the main front-end unit, bringing considerable economic benefits.

Low energy consumption of the whole unit which is 1/3 to 2/3 of temperature swing adsorption.

Adopt PLC automatic control and remote monitoring with no staffing required. Equipped with safety values for temperature and pressure inside, the system will issue an alarm and enter the emergency safety mode when the temperature and pressure exceed the safety range.

Minimum operating cost with adsorbent life > 6 years.


Application Market
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Project Demonstration
700m3/h PSA equipment
Jilin Huakang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 3200m3/d high-concentration organic xylose production mixed wastewater treatment project
Jiangsu Yongji Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization and disposal project
Kaiyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. 150kt/a ECH project, 80kt/a epoxy resin project and wastewater treatment plant project