DKEC has R&D, engineering design and equipment manufacture bases in New York, Shanghai and Wuxi. We are an international engineering company, offering consulting services, process package Know-how transfer, engineering design, and EPC services in chemical and environmental industries.
Learning and Development

In DKEC, there are unlimited challenges, and endless expectations and possibilities.

We will work together. We will help you to achieve effective time-management, balance work and life,

and realize "fast work, slow life". When you’re working, try your best to improve your efficiency,

and complete your work in high-quality. When you get off work, you will have enough time to enjoy life. We grow together.

We will help you achieve bigger goals, reach more achievements, make you the best of yourself, and then,

let's discover a bigger and more meaningful world together. Come and join in us! Let’s work together, enjoy life together,

and create unlimited possibilities together!

Your growth at DKEC
DKEC has always been based on talent training, and hopes that every employee can get comprehensive
and long-term development here. We are committed to creating a broad career development space for everyone.
We have a complete training system, and we have the guidance of a mentor system to help fresh graduates complete
the role change from "campus" to "professional". Each career stage matches the corresponding training content
and stimulates their own potential through continuous learning; we cultivate at the same time as the professional
skills of each employee, we also cultivate the Non-technical skills of the employees; we have perfect promotion channels to broaden
the career development channels and promotion space of each employee, so that technical talents and management talents can get
a smooth career development opportunity.
DKEC advocates the spirit of continuous learning. We provide targeted intensive training programs for different people, especially in technical professional learning and functional areas. The training plan includes internal training within the company and external training from industry experts. We have noticed that industry professionals often have relatively strong professional skills, but their cross-professional work ability is relatively weak. In order to improve this phenomenon, our training program includes the cultivation of inter-departmental work ability and the rotation system between different departments.
In DKEC, we advocate a teaching culture. In the first six months after you joined us, there will be a mentor who will continuously guide your specific goals and professional development every month. Peers and colleagues are very happy to be your informal mentors, and they will provide you with a lot of constructive feedback.
Non-Technical Skills ('NTS')
In DKEC, we value the professional skills of our employees. Similarly, we also value everyone's business attire, communication, public speaking, effective verbal communication, and excellent writing. We advocate in-depth work, reliable work, and non-violent communication. In DKEC, you can grow into the reliable person with us.
Corporate Social Responsibility
We advocate and have formed a strong atmosphere of "reading, reading well, and reading more" already, and then open the wisdom of "learning to do what you know"; through reading and understanding, we discover our own shortcomings, diligently tackle our problems, and improve our work habits, and efficiency.
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Design and science competition among college students
In order to cultivate the innovative thinking and engineering skills of college students in many aspects, cultivate teamwork spirit, and enhance the engineering design and practical ability of college students, we sent excellent engineers from the double ten team (ten years of design experience and ten years of on-site management experience). Colleges and universities that have reached a school-enterprise partnership with us will provide pre-competition guidance to students participating in the college chemical design competition, guide students to combine the professional theory and specific practice they have learned, and at the same time, improve engineering practice and engineering innovation capabilities.
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Green energy-saving, Sustainable development
We maintain close cooperative relations with world-class universities and scientific research institutions on green technology research and development. Our high-level R&D team has a wide range of innovative technologies and solutions in the field of pollutant control, and can make our contribution to the sustainable development of the world.
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Social Responsibility
Since establishment, DKEC has always been committed to combining corporate development with social responsibility, adhering to the harmonious society concept of "concern, caring, and caring", and fulfilling its responsibilities as a corporate citizen. DKEC is a warm company. Every DKECer has a strong sense of social responsibility. We strongly support various public welfare undertakings in China, actively participate in various public welfare activities, and continue to give back to the society.
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