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Chemical Wastewater Treatment
Technical Advantages:

In view of the complex and changeable chemical waste water, the collection tank adopts the grid allocation method to stabilize the water quality and quantity.

For different types of chemical wastewater, targeted high-efficiency physical and chemical pretreatment is used to remove or reduce characteristic pollutants, decrease the impact of toxic substances on subsequent systems and improve the stability of the system.

Efficient air flotation equipment is adopted to further remove suspended particles and colloidal pollutants.

Adjustment of homogenization can further ensure the stability of wastewater and supplement the elements required by the biochemical system.

The inlet water distributor at the bottom of the high-efficiency anaerobic tower can evenly distribute water, and the reasonable rising velocity can effectively suspend the granular sludge and remove COD (chemical oxygen demand) from the wastewater.

Chemical waste water has high salt content, and salt-tolerant bacteria are added to the activated sludge in the aerobic tank to acclimate and improve the salt tolerance of the biochemical system.

Activated sludge method combined with membrane treatment process can realize wastewater reuse.

Application Market
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Project Demonstration
Kaiyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. 150kt/a ECH project, 80kt/a epoxy resin project and wastewater treatment plant project
Jilin Huakang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 3200m3/d high-concentration organic xylose production mixed wastewater treatment project
Jiangsu Yongji Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization and disposal project
Jiaxing United Chemical Co., Ltd. chemical wastewater membrane equipment.