DKEC has R&D, engineering design and equipment manufacture bases in New York, Shanghai and Wuxi. We are an international engineering company, offering consulting services, process package Know-how transfer, engineering design, and EPC services in chemical and environmental industries.
Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management

As an international EPC ( Engineering, Procurement and Construction) provider, DKEC has proven experience in successfully delivering EPC projects in chemical, environmental and pharmaceutical industries. For decades, we have helped clients achieve success in large projects in worldwide locations, from initial planning, engineering design and procurement, to construction, commissioning, start-up and operation. DKEC maintains safe, on-time, on-budget and high-quality project delivery, especially suitable for clients who expect to get large degree of certainty as to time and costs that they require.

World-class Procurement Operation
DKEC world-class procurement departments are staffed by procurement professionals highly skilled at negotiating the best deal for clients – the highest quality product available for the lowest price. Also, our procurement talents add business and innovation values to clients through managing and alleviating supply-chain risk and intimately involved in supplier products innovation life cycle. We maintain close relationship with worldwide top suppliers, especially the cost-effective Chinese manufacture resources. This supplier stability help eliminate barriers of international procurement, especially for clients with challenging project schedule and requirements.
DKEC Approved Vendors
DKEC Supplier Management Committee members include experienced procurement experts, technical engineers, researchers and legal consultants. The Committee members continually review and evaluate our suppliers, eliminate unqualified vendors and add first-class supplemental ones around the world, ensuring superior DKEC Approved Vendors.
Strict new suppliers approved system:
We set up strict rules to test new suppliers with standard new supplier setup process. First, any new supplier needs to meet the minimum requirements, such as Quality Certifications, production capacity, geographic footprint, detailed product specifications, annual sales numbers, current clients and so on. Our procurement professionals send Request for Information (RFI) to possible suppliers chosen from last step for next level of information. Meanwhile, on-site visits, technical assessments and legal screening review are conducted by our committee to verify whether these possible vendors have high on-time delivery rate, zero product returns, no unplanned internal downtime and promised after-sales technical service.
Construction Management
For decades, DKEC construction management teams have delivered many safe and successful construction projects around the world. Our qualified construction managers have abundant knowledge in chemical, architecture, electrical and other engineering fields. Their years of working experiences in coordinating, planning and directing various activities of multi-disciplined on-site teams ensure these chemical, environmental and medical projects be accomplished safely and timely while staying on-budget and high-quality. We have developed project execution software to manage on-site project materials and human power, monitor special process safety and track real-time project progress and quality.
Full Life Cycle Project Management and Improved Profit Picture
We provide wide range of project services and manage full life cycle of construction projects, from standalone construction to subcontractors management, safety control and inspection or direct labor management to deliver turnkey construction projects. Our standardized management services offer effective and economic solutions for petrochemical, chemical and medical projects. It has proven profitable to owners, engineering firms and contractors. For owners, DKEC strong capabilities guarantee faster project delivery, lower construction cost and predictable project results with less risk. For engineers and subcontractors, we help lower overhead and work modification with more efficient use of personnel and materials.